Piranha 3D is leading all of the Best Movie categories and this video solidifies why Piranha 3D is the front runner.

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Starring Jerry O'Connell, Adam Scott, Paul Scheer, Jessica Szohr, Kelly Brook & Riley Steele
Writer/Director: Tremendosaur
Director of Photography: Brennan Maxwell

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August 16, 2010


Male Voice: (whispers) Exclusive.
Jerry O'Connell: Hello. I'm Hollywood treasure
Jerry O'Connell,
Jerry O'Connell: and I've worked on some
serious projects in the past:
Jerry O'Connell: Stand By Me, Crossing Jordan,
Jerry O'Connell: Kangaroo Jack.
Jerry O'Connell: But none of them hold a
candle to Piranha 3D.
Adam Scott: Adam Scott: Well,
obviously Best Picture,
Adam Scott: but why stop at Best
Picture? How about
Adam Scott: Best Penis Being Gobbled
and Spit Out in 3D?
Adam Scott: Best Gun Toting Jet Ski Fight
in a Piranha Related Film.
Adam Scott: Best Underwater Cave.
Adam Scott: Best Underwater Cave filled
with Piranha Egg--
Adam Scott: Okay, seriously, there are
two separate categories for that.
Paul Scheer: C'mon. Who cares about
one stupid Oscar?
Paul Scheer: I mean, I don't. I mean,
I do, but I mean, you don't.
Paul Scheer: You got so many of them.
Come on. Just give us one.
Jessica Szohr: Did last years' Academy
Awards have blood?
Jessica Szohr: Did one of the presenters
body's get cut
Jessica Szohr: in a half where the top
half fell off the bottom
Jessica Szohr: half like a cartoon?
I don't know. Didn't watch it.
Jessica Szohr: Neither did anyone
else under 50.
Kelly Brook: Remember how you gave
Denzel his Malcolm X
Kelly Brook: Oscar for Training Day?
Well, now is your chance
Kelly Brook: to give Elisabeth Shue a
Leaving Las Vegas Oscar.
Kelly Brook: Oh, that is in addition to
her Piranha 3D Oscar,
Kelly Brook: and mine.
Paul Scheer: We don't even have to do
it on a stage. You know,
Paul Scheer: just hand it to me, and
I'll slap a Piranha sticker
Paul Scheer: on it. That's it.
Adam Scott: There's enough CG in this
movie to nominate
Adam Scott: us for Best Animated
Adam Scott: So, watch your back Pixar.
Yes, you make delightful
Adam Scott: movies, we get it, but
we got it covered.
Jerry O'Connell: We put a man on the moon,
mapped the human genome,
Jerry O'Connell: and created a zero emission
vehicle, but isn't it time
Jerry O'Connell: technology did
something worthwhile?
Jerry O'Connell: That's why it's in 3D.
Riley Steele: [making a whirling sound]
Paul Scheer: You don't want to give it
to me at the Academy
Paul Scheer: Awards? That's fine.
Let's meet up some where.
Paul Scheer: Just shoot me a text.
Paul Scheer: Get in the back of the car,
you know, you give me
Paul Scheer: an Oscar, I'll give
you an Oscar.
Paul Scheer: I give good Oscar.
Adam Scott: Look, now you nominate 10
movies for Best Picture.
Adam Scott: What are you going to
nominate Inception 10 times?
Paul Scheer: Lets get on to the gift
baskets. I mean, what's
Paul Scheer: inside there?
I don't know.
Paul Scheer: How about this? Zinc oxide,
just like my character
Paul Scheer: Andrew Cunningham wears in
the movie, everyone is going
Paul Scheer: to want one of those. Oh,
yeah, and those fishing
Paul Scheer: hats, also like my character
Andrew Cunningham wears in
Paul Scheer: the movie. I mean this
is going to be amazing.
Riley Steele: I don't know how to
make it any simpler.
Riley Steele: Beautiful woman.
3D. Oscar.
Riley Steele: Make it happen.
Riley Steele: I'm on the cover of
Playboy. Do you know
Riley Steele: who else posed
for Playboy?
Riley Steele: Kim Basinger.
Riley Steele: Oscar winner.
Riley Steele: Charlize Theron.
Riley Steele: Oscar winner.
Riley Steele: Kelly Brook.