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Full Credits

Starring: Paul Scheer, Odd Future (Tyler, Hodgy, Left Brain, Mike G., Jasper)
Also Starring: Mel Cowan and Kristen Deluca
Directed by: Alex Fernie
Written by: Alex Fernie
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Produced by: Betsy Koch
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
Edited by: Justin Donaldson
Production Designers: Caity Birmingham
Sound: BoTown Sound
Makeup: Kat Bardot
Wardrobe: Aubrey Binzer
Asst Camera Operator: Ray Lee
Gaffer: Marcus McDougald
G&E: Stephen Chang, Andrew Crighton
Production Assistants: Liam White, Andrew Grissam, Sam Varela


Male Voiceover: (whispers)
Paul Scheer: They're awesome.
Paul Scheer: They're like Nicki Minaj with dicks
Paul Scheer: and there's 9 of them.
Paul Scheer: Yeah, they're amazing.
Paul Scheer: They're called 'Odd Future'.
Paul Scheer: Yeah, right.
Paul Scheer: It's like the Black Eyed Peas
Paul Scheer: if the Black Eyed Peas
made music (laughs).
Mel Cowan: Mr. Ladshaw, the
gentlemen from Odd Future are here.
Paul Scheer: Fuck you. Bring them in.
Paul Scheer: Whoa, whoa. Oh my God!
Paul Scheer: Are you okay?
Odd Future: Fuck!
Odd Future: Your fucking carpet sucks!
Paul Scheer: I hate carpets.
Paul Scheer: I hate carpets, but I love you guys.
Paul Scheer: LA's hottest hip-hop collective.
Paul Scheer: Odd Future, great to meet you.
Paul Scheer: All right, all right.
Odd Future: I'm gonna fuck that vase up.
Odd Future: Fuck you, vase.
Paul Scheer: I love it.
Paul Scheer: I love this devil may care attitude.
Paul Scheer: Break it! Let's break it!
Odd Future: So what are you,
Odd Future: some guy that's trying
to sign us or some shit?
Paul Scheer: I'm exactly that fucking guy
Paul Scheer: who wants to sign you.
Paul Scheer: You know why?
Paul Scheer: Cuz you guys are hot.
Paul Scheer: You're H to the izzo, right?
Paul Scheer: I mean, that's what
I'm talking about here.
Paul Scheer: Okay, yeah. Keep yourself comfortable.
Paul Scheer: That's what I like.
Paul Scheer: Let me tell you something guys.
Paul Scheer: I want to work with you
Paul Scheer: and I don't want to change a thing.
Mel Cowan: Not a thing.
Paul Scheer: Except
for a couple of things.
Mel Cowan: Just a few things.
Paul Scheer: First of all,
Paul Scheer: Odd Future Wolfgang Kill 'Em All,
Paul Scheer: that's your name, right?
Paul Scheer: Oh, God! It's so long.
Paul Scheer: What am I? Reading a novel? No.
Paul Scheer: Why don't we shorten it
Paul Scheer: and just make it Fun Time Gang?
Odd Futuure: I broke that.
Paul Scheer: Good thing I know a framer.
Odd Future: Fuck the framer!
Paul Scheer: Now I
totally dig your lyrics.
Paul Scheer: I love the rapping about the sex
Paul Scheer: and the violence, you know?
Paul Scheer: And the raping the toilets and stuff,
Paul Scheer: but does it have to be about that?
Paul Scheer: I mean, it's a little ...
Mel Cowan: It's a little rapey.
Paul Scheer: A little
rapey and you know what?
Paul Scheer: That doesn't play on radio Disney.
Odd Future: Oh shit!
Odd Future: That nigga Justin Bieber's on there.
Odd Future: Nigga, that nigga's
fucking Selena Gomez.
Odd Future: I'm gonna fuck her in her fucking mouth.
Odd Future: Wait, wait.
Odd Future: Selena Gomez?
Odd Future: Yeah.
Odd Future: Dude. Fuck no.
Paul Scheer: Radio Disney is just our
Paul Scheer: in to the Disney channel.
Paul Scheer: Yeah, where you guys are
gonna have your own, what?
Paul Scheer: What, what?
Paul Scheer: Cartoon.
Paul Scheer: Odd Future Kids.
Paul Scheer: Check it out.
Odd Future: The fuck?
Paul Scheer: You're animated.
Paul Scheer: You have a dragon named Chonsie,
Paul Scheer: a bicycle built for 9, right?
Paul Scheer: And you travel through
time solving mysteries.
Paul Scheer: You know?
Paul Scheer: George Washington will help you out
Paul Scheer: or maybe Abraham Lincoln, you know?
Paul Scheer: It's gonna be a lot of fun.
Paul Scheer: Oh, okay.
Paul Scheer: That plant is on fire.
Paul Scheer: That really catches on.
Paul Scheer: That's a great idea.
Paul Scheer: Thank you for doing that.
Paul Scheer: Who do you guys want to collaborate with?
Paul Scheer: Who do you want to put in
the stew of Odd Future?
Paul Scheer: How about a little bit of Katy Perry?
Odd Future: Fuck no.
Odd Future: Unless I can fuck her face.
Paul Scheer: Mr. Ladshaw: How about someone else?
Paul Scheer: How about, I don't know, Flo Rida?
Odd Future: What's your favorite song by us?
Paul Scheer: There's so many.
Paul Scheer: I love them all.
Paul Scheer: The one with rapping.
Paul Scheer: I like that one.
Odd Future: You like Fuck the Police?
Paul Scheer: My favorite one.
Odd Future: Ah, cuz it's not mine.
Odd Future: You lying fuck!
Paul Scheer: Okay, look.
Paul Scheer: I haven't actually listened
to any of your songs,
Paul Scheer: but I have people who listen to people
Paul Scheer: who listen to people
who have heard you guys
Paul Scheer: and they said that you
guys are the hiznit.
Paul Scheer: And I ... Do you want to host the BET?
Odd Future: Fuck the BET!
Paul Scheer: Okay.
Paul Scheer: Well, just tell me what you want to do.
Odd Future: I'll show you.
♪ I'm a swaggin' bitch. ♪
♪ I'm Mike Style. ♪
(paint ball shots)
(rapping continues)
♪ Smoke the blunt ♪
♪ Fuck the bitch in the butt ♪
♪ I'm Boston, don't give a fuck ♪
♪ I'm never [unintelligible] ♪
♪ I'm fly bitch ♪
♪ I should poke you in your eye, bitch ♪
♪ Got you burning bitch ♪
♪ Pow, Pow ♪
♪ You dead bitch ♪
♪ I'm hot as fuck ♪
♪ I ain't never cold ♪
♪ but I might see bitch ♪
♪ My bitch suck dick ♪
♪ like she suck dick ♪
♪ My bitch suck dick ♪
♪ like she suck-- ♪
Odd Future: What the fuck is your problem?
Odd Future: Are you fucking stupid?
Odd Future: There's a fucking coaster right there?
Paul Scheer: Uh, no. I just ...
Odd Future: You don't have
enough fucking respect.
Odd Future: I know this fucking table
was expensive fuck boy.
Odd Future: You don't have enough fucking decency
Odd Future: and respect to use a fucking coaster, huh?
Odd Future: I would never in my fucking life
Odd Future: allow me and my fucking peers
Odd Future: to work with someone with low class.
Odd Future: Fuck you!
Odd Future: Let's get the fuck out of here.
Odd Future: Fuck this shit.
Odd Future: Use a fucking coaster next time, bitch!
(door slams)
Mel Cowan: Well, they seem nice.
Paul Scheer: Yeah, very good kids.
Odd Future: Fuck you, vase!