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Published February 28, 2011 3.5m views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring: Paul Scheer, Odd Future (Tyler, Hodgy, Left Brain, Mike G., Jasper)
Also Starring: Mel Cowan and Kristen Deluca
Directed by: Alex Fernie
Written by: Alex Fernie
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Produced by: Betsy Koch
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
Edited by: Justin Donaldson
Production Designers: Caity Birmingham
Sound: BoTown Sound
Makeup: Kat Bardot
Wardrobe: Aubrey Binzer
Asst Camera Operator: Ray Lee
Gaffer: Marcus McDougald
G&E: Stephen Chang, Andrew Crighton
Production Assistants: Liam White, Andrew Grissam, Sam Varela

(crash sounds)
Mr. Ladshaw: They're awesome.
They're like Nicki Minaj with dicks
and there's 9 of them.
Yeah, they're amazing.
They're called 'Odd Future'.
Yeah, right.
It's like the Black Eyed Peas
if the Black Eyed Peas
made music. (laughing)
Assistant: Mr. Ladshaw, the
gentlemen from Odd Future are here.
Mr. Ladshaw: Fuck you. Bring them in.
Mr. Ladshaw: Whoa, whoa. Oh my God!
Band member: Are you okay?
Boston: Fuck!
Your fucking carpet sucks!
Mr. Ladshaw: I hate carpets.
I hate carpets, but I love you guys.
LA's hottest hip-hop collective.
Odd Future, great to meet you.
All right, all right.
Boston: I'm gonna fuck that vase up.
Fuck you, vase.
Mr. Ladshaw: I love it.
I love this devil may care attitude.
Break it! Let's break it!
Band member: So what are you,
some guy that's trying
to sign us or some shit?
Mr. Ladshaw: I'm exactly that fucking guy
who wants to sign you.
You know why?
Cuz you guys are hot.
You're H to the izzo, right?
I mean, that's what
I'm talking about here.
Okay, yeah. Keep yourself comfortable.
That's what I like.
Let me tell you something guys.
I want to work with you
and I don't want to change a thing.
Assistant: Not a thing.
Mr. Ladshaw: Except
for a couple of things.
Assistant: Just a few things.
Mr. Ladshaw: First of all,
Odd Future Wolfgang Kill 'Em All,
that's your name, right?
Oh, God! It's so long.
What am I? Reading a novel? No.
Why don't we shorten it
and just make it Fun Time Gang?
Band member: I broke that.
Mr. Ladshaw: Good thing I know a framer.
Band member: Fuck the framer!
Mr. Ladshaw: Now I
totally dig your lyrics.
I love the rapping about the sex
and the violence, you know?
And the raping the toilets and stuff,
but does it have to be about that?
I mean, it's a little ...
Assistant: It's a little rapey.
Mr. Ladshaw: A little
rapey and you know what?
That doesn't play on radio Disney.
Mike: Oh shit!
That nigger Justin Bieber's on there.
Nigger. That nigger if
fucking Selena Gomez.
I'm gonna fuck her and her fucking mouth.
Boston: Wait, wait.
Selena Gomez?
Mike: Yeah.
Boston: Dude. Fuck no.
Mr. Ladshaw: Radio Disney is just our
in to the Disney channel.
Yeah, where you guys are
gonna have your own, what?
What, what?
Assistant: Cartoon.
Mr. Ladshaw: On Future Kids.
Check it out.
Band member: Fuck.
Mr. Ladshaw: You're animated.
You have a dragon named Chonsie,
a bicycle built for 9, right?
And you travel through
time solving mysteries.
You know?
George Washington will help you out
or maybe Abraham Lincoln, you know?
It's gonna be a lot of fun.
Oh, okay.
That plant is on fire.
That really catches on.
That's a great idea.
Thank you for doing that.
Who do you guys want to collaborate with?
Who do you want to put in
the stew of Odd Future?
How about a little bit of Katy Perry?
Boston: Fuck no.
Band member: Unless I can fuck her face.
Mr. Ladshaw: How about someone else?
How about, I don't know, Flo Rida?
Mike: What's your favorite song by us?
Mr. Ladshaw: There's so many.
I love them all.
The one with rapping.
I like that one.
Mike: You like Fuck the Police?
Mr. Ladshaw: My favorite one.
Mike: Ah, cuz it's not mine.
You lying fuck!
Mr. Ladshaw: Okay, look.
I haven't actually listened
to any of your songs,
but I have people who listen to people
who listen to people
who have heard you guys
and they said that you
guys are the hiznit.
And I ... Do you want to host the BET?
Mike: Fuck the BET!
Mr. Ladshaw: Okay.
Well, just tell me what you want to do.
Mike: I'll show you.
I'm a swaggin' bitch.
I'm Mike Style.
(paint ball shots)
(rapping continues)
Smoke the blunt.
Fuck the bitch in the butt.
I'm Boston, don't give a fuck.
I'm never [unintelligible]
I'm fly bitch.
I should poke you in your eye, bitch.
Got you burning bitch.
Pow, Pow!
You dead bitch!
I'm hot as fuck!
I ain't never cold,
but I might see bitch!
My bitch suck dick
like she suck dick.
My bitch suck dick
like she suck-
Mike: What the fuck is your problem?
Are you fucking stupid?
There's a fucking coaster right there?
Mr. Ladshaw: Uh, no. I just ...
Mike: You don't have
enough fucking respect.
I know this fucking table
was expensive fuck boy.
You don't have enough fucking decency
and respect to use a fucking coaster, huh?
I would never in my fucking life
allow me and my fucking peers
to work with someone with low class.
Fuck you!
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Fucking shit.
Use a fucking coaster next time, bitch!
(door slams)
Assistant: Well, they seem nice.
Mr. Ladshaw: Yeah, very good kids.
Boston: Fuck you, vase! (crash)

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