This is the Wanky Shit demon! Hooray! Remember, whatever you do, don't summon the demon! DON'T DO IT!
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Joel Veitch, Ed Snow, David Shute
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Published: June 22, 2010
Wanky Shit Demon script

Man shits on then floor, then turns around and wanks on the shit

*there is a flash of light and smoke, and a large bunny appears*

WSD: Hello! I am the Wanky Shit Demon! You summoned me when you wanked on your own shit! You have 3 wishes!

Man: Really? Crikey!

WSD: Oh yes! Really! You can wish for anything you want!

Man: Anything?

WSD: Yes! Anything at all!

Man: Oh that's wonderful! In that case I would like a massive fairytale castle!

*the Wanky Shit Demon waves his hand, and there is another flash of light and smoke. A fairytale castle appears *behind them. It immediately starts to collapse as it is made of shit.

Oh, sweet Jesus! It's made of shit!

WSD: Not entirely! Look at the roof- it's made of wank!

Man: Oh God! (he vomits)

*The castle is collapsing into a lake of shit and wank, which is rising up the man and the WSD rapidly. The man is *violently vomiting into the lake of shit, and it looks like he will soon be covered and drown in the shit.

Man: I wish for a boat! I WISH FOR A BOAT! (vomits again)

WSD: Of course!

*there is another flash of light and smoke, and a boat appears on top of the lake. It is also made of shit and starts to collapse.

Man: (vomits) Oh my god it's made of shit!

WSD: Yes, of course! You can wish for anything in the world, and i will magically create it from Shit and Wank! You have one wish left remember! Anything in the world! Made from shit! And Wank!

Man: I just want to get out of here! (vomits). Get me out of here!

*there is a flash of light and smoke, and the man and the WSD are suddenly transported to a world made entirely of *shit and wank.

Man: Oh Christ! vomits

WSD: Welcome to my world! My wonderful world of shit and wank! Everything here is made of shit and wank! Hooray!

Man (vomits)Oh god i just want to go home. Please let me go home

WSD: Oh no! You can never leave here! Cake?