Being the new kid in school was hard for Jason (Tyler Posey), but then he met... them.

Full Credits

Director: Shiri Appleby
Producer: Michael Burke
AD: Nicole Jordan-Webber
2nd AD: Mallory Arkin
PA: Michael Stanziale
PA: Aram Gevorgyan
DP: Nate Cornett
Steadicam OP: Ben Verhuist
Sound: Danny Carpenter
Gaffer: Joe Jackson
Swing: Sebastien Nuta
Swing: Amy Austin
Swing: Raul Morales
Swing: Jerry White
AC: Allan DeLeon
Prod Designer: Christian Fritsch
Makeup: Erin Blinn
Wardrobe: Jordy Scheinberg
Wardrobe Asst: Tess Omelia
Post Producer: Alex Parks
Graphics: Shawn James
Jason: Tyler Posey
Rachel: Erin Moriarty
Teacher: Andrew Leeds
Mom: Rhea Perlman
Therapist: Vera Taylor
Joanne Fabrics: Stacia Bryant
Pilot: Tony Mack
Jock: Travis Nunes
Girl: Mita Son
Jazz Band Member 1: Leo Claude
Jazz Band Member 2: Mark Stebbeds
Jazz Band Member 3: Edward L. Jackson
Jazz Band Member 4: Malinda Farrington
ISIS Student: Anatoliy Ogay

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- [school bell]
- ♪
Erin Moriarty: So you're the new kid?
Erin Moriarty: Do you want to get out of here?
- Um...
- Are you ready to live?
- [Jason] Oh my God.
- [Rachel is screaming]
Tyler Posey: [Jason in voiceover] It was like
seeing the world for the first time.
[Jason and Rachel yelling]
Andrew Leeds: Okay. Can anyone tell me the
title of the best book of all time?
- Infinite Jest.
- Correct.

Andrew Leeds: Hey, new kid...
Andrew Leeds: You know a lot about books.
Tyler Posey: Yeah, my dad used to
read a lot before he died.
Andrew Leeds: Do you want to get out of here?
[Jason in voiceover] It was like seeing the
world for the first time for the second time.
[Jason and Mr. Jenson yelling]
- Yeah! Yeah!
- Yes!
They're the adult jazz at our school.
They're kind of outsiders.
Hey, new kid, want to get out of here?

Tyler Posey: [Jason in voiceover] It was like seeing
the world for the second time
Tyler Posey: for the first time, but better.
Rhea Perlman: I don't know you anymore!
Jason, what is this?
Tyler Posey: It's my personality now mom.
You wouldn't understand.
- When did you learn to play sax?
- I don't think I did!
Tyler Posey: [Jason in voiceover] After seeing the
world for the first time 19 times,
Tyler Posey: you start seeing things
clearly for the first time.

[talking car]
Want to get out of here?
- Vroom, vroom.
- [Jason is yelling inside the car]

Tyler Posey: [Jason in voiceover]
To be honest, I didn't find myself,
Tyler Posey: because I was letting too
many people influenced me...
Tyler Posey: But now I know to really be me,
I need to make my own choices.
We're in ISIS.
Do you want to get out of here?