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Ride The Pine wants you to decide who was the hottest girl at the ESPYs. John Daly is... more »
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Welcome to RideThePine

Let’s Talk Sports...

a little fact from the pine.  There are two days a year that no
professional sports are played on, can you name them?  If you said the
day before and after the MLB All-Star game you would be correct.  However, what did happen on one of those nights was the ESPYs,
ESPN’s annual awards night.  I’m not a big fan of awards ceremonies but
ESPN does it right and brings the hotness.  Ride The Pine loves the
hotness, and you can vote right now at on who you thought looked the hottest at the ESPYs.  Erin Andrews, Lindsey Vonn, Emmanuelle Chriqui, or Brooklyn Decker.  Whoa! What happened there, Danica Partick.  

No one is as big of a hot mess as John Daly.  Check out this sports coat he wore to a picture of past British Open champions before the major kicked off this week.  Wait a minute, is that Lee Trevino.  Yes, it was and Grizzly Adams did have a beard.

Did you have any idea that the Tour de France
was going on right now?  Well apparently, at the end of the most recent
stage there was a head butting incident.  All night, I was trying to
think of something that was wimpier than fighting on a bicycle.  The
only thing I could come up with was carrying a dog in a baby bjorn.

Here is a couple of things to check out today while you’re on the pine.

Since the death of Yankees’ boss George Steinbrenner, it has been interesting to see some of unexpectedly nice stories to come out about some of his good deeds.Some French soccer player Henry is coming to play for the New York Red Bulls of the MLS...and no one will noticeAlso be on the lookout for the first ever Ride The Pine t-shirt coming to you in the very next episode!

And that is my view from the pine.

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