The unreleased trailer from the new Aaron Sorkin film about Facebook. Featuring, Aaron Sorkin, David Fincher, and Trent Reznor

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Writen and Created by Dan Ilic
Additional writing jokes by Lewis Hobba

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Sorkin: I want to make a movie.

Fincher : A movie?

Sorkin: A movie.

Reznor: About what?

Sorkin: About Facebook.

Fincher: Facebook?

Sorkin: Yeah, Facebook.

Reznor: Will there be corridors?

Sorkin: Yeah.

Fincher: Steady cam shots?

Sorking: Fuck yeah.

Reznor: Dialogue that bounces back and forth?

Fincher: Back and forth?

Reznor: Yeah, back and forth.

Sorkin: You betcha....

SFX: Footsteps and music stops.

Fincher: Sorkin, what happens when you get to the end of a corridor?

Sorkin: You walk back the other way.

(Fincher hits ‘Like’ on Sorkin’s comment)

Fincher: GENIUS.

Reznor: I want to poke you.

Fincher: Like an animal.

Reznor: Is anyone going to watch this?

Sorkin: Who cares – we'll get more Facebook friends!

Reznor: As many as Zuckerberg?

Fincher: LMFAO! Stick it to the douchebag.