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Actor, Writer, Comedian, Renée Percy takes the piss (or the fart) out of YG's song Toot it and Boot it.
Published September 14, 2012 3.1k views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Twitter: @reneepercy
Written and Performed By: Renée Percy
Directed By: Jonathan Bensimon
Edited By: Julian Adderley
Backup Vocals: Kate Campbell, Sarah Cornell
Production Manager: David Ivkovic
Dance Captain: Kara Kimbrough
Dancers: Kate Campbell, Sarah Cornell, Tanya Santiago
Performers: Kate Campbell, David Ivkovic, Omry Reznik, Beks Rimington, JR Russell, Tanya Santiago, Canon Wing
Special Thanks To: David Ivkovic, Canon Wing, Omry Reznik, Chris Soos, Tanya Santiago, Julia Cohen, Kate Campbell
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