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Additional Credits:
Starring: Dennis Quaid & Amanda Peet
Football Fans: Michael Blaiklock & Gary Wilkerson
Tween Girl: Indiana Massara, Miya Kodama, Christine Medrano
Director: Lauren Palmigiano & Travis Helwig
Producer: Brianne Trosie
Editor: Hannah Levy
DP: Matt Sweeney
Gaffer: Jenn Cohen
Grip: Stephen St. Peter
Best Boy Electric: Dustin Supencheck
Swing: Joseph Jackson
AC: Jorel Odell
Sound: Danny Carpenter for BoTown Sound
H&MU: Erin Blinn
Wardrobe: Kassey Rich
Production Designer: Heidi Koleto
Art Director: Alyse Castillo & Brooks Fairley
Production Coordinator: Christine Medrano
PA: Glenn Fellman
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Published: February 02, 2016

Dennis Quaid: What do most Americans
agree on?
Amanda Peet: Is there something that
most Americans agree on?
Amanda Peet: I seriously can't
think of anything.
Dennis Quaid: Well, America's most
popular sport is...
Michael Blaiklock and Gary Wilkerson: Football!
Michael Blaiklock: 49% of Americans love
football. It's like chess,
Michael Blaiklock: but with more
broken bones.
Dennis Quaid: America's most popular
musician is Taylor Swift.
Indiana Massara: 53% of Americans love
Taylor Swift.
Amanda Peet: America's most popular
animal is a dog.
Dog: Hello, I'm dog.
% of people
love dog.
Indiana Massara: Wait, dog's can talk?
Michael Blaiklock: Sometimes I wish I
could text with my dog.
Michael Blaiklock: What?
Dennis Quaid: Football, Taylor Swift, and
dogs are some of the
Dennis Quaid: most popular things
in this country.
Amanda Peet: But is there something even
more of us agree on?
Dennis Quaid: 93% of Americans think
that we should have
Dennis Quaid: universal background checks
on every single gun sale.
Amanda Peet: Any others?
Amanda Peet: Background checks are
more popular with Americans
Amanda Peet: than Taylor Swift,
dogs, and football.
Dennis Quaid: So why won't Congress
do anything about it?