AWESOME Impression of Robert De Niro Ordering a Large Coffee at Starbucks!

Full Credits

Created by: George Kareman
Producer: Darren Miller
Producer: Zack Poitras
Director of Photography/Sound: Greg Stees
Special Thanks: Matt Bohrer.

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November 09, 2016


Hey, how's it going pal?
Robert De Niro.
First time in at Starbucks.
Let me get a large
coffee please.
What's a venti?
I'm Robert De Niro!
I want a large coffee!
[giggles] What's up guys?
I'm George Kareman,
and that was my impression
of Robert De Niro
ordering a large coffee
at Starbucks restaurants.
Big-ups to Robert De Niro
for having a sense of humor
about all of this, and
thanks to you
guys for watching.
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