A hapless cook (LOGAN HOWE) does her best to satisfy a demanding host (J. LOUIS... more »

Full Credits

J. Louis Reid as The Host
Logan Howe as the Cook
Robert Ready as the Man
Lonnie Poland as the Woman
Written, Produced, Edited & Directed by Stephen J. Maas
Director of Photography: Eric Clifford
Production Sound: Eric Clifford
Cameras & Lighting: Stephen J. Maas & Eric Clifford
Art Director: Logan Howe
Production Assistant: Cameron Howe
Jewelry by Barbwire Art
"Bartok -- Romanian Folk Dances -- Waistband Dance, Roumainian Polka, Maruntel"
by Advent Chamber Orchestra
"Tollhouse" by Podington Bear
Special Thanks: Jordan Chatterton, Nathina Roy
Copyright MMXIII Intrinsic Films

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