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August 04, 2012


presenters david cook :
hello welcome audiences and something has
this from david cook the voice dolls!.

presenters david cook :
you that this see not laughing audience has
this not that david cook or not fans david cook
that this been not are you that?!. check this is now!!!

presenters david cook :
hello david cook?. how are you. has this
about this your not that this has fans david cook?.

david cook dolls :
hello i am david cook the voice dolls what this that?

presenters david cook :
has not bad this are you not that this your david cook!?.

david cook dolls :
you something as not job this favorite music video
has david cook that this are you again you me this
has something has watch antonigames meet david cook.

presenters david cook :
yes david cook you job that this the doll voice!!!.

david cook dolls :
HORAY!!!. you has not david cook this your has thank you!!!.

presenters david cook :
thank for watching this david cook the doll voice
and see you next time and SEE YOU GOOD BYE!!!.