A pharmaceutical ad parody

Full Credits

Written and Directed by Roger Aylward Produced by David Distinti and Roger Aylward Cast: (in order of appearance) Kerry Lacy, Paige Hackworth, Elly Smokler, Tony Sciarra, Billy Brannigan Voiceover artist: Rachael West Hair Styles by Becky Roman Salon Kamala Graphics by Roth Graphics A Connecticut FilmWorks Production


There seems to be so
much going on in the world.
What are we going to
do about climate change?
The economy, jobs,
global markets.
And that thing in the
Middle East ain't getting any better.
How will things
affect me, my family?
There's so much at stake.
Everything felt
so out of control.
There must be
something I can do.
But what?
What can I do?
And then my doctor said,
"Have you tried worrying?"
Seriously, worrying?
NARRATOR: Yes, worrying.
Worrying is the anxiety
accelerant that's easy to use
and available without a prescription.
I never knew
worrying was an option.
Now that I'm worrying,
it's almost like I'm doing something.
I find I can worry
almost anywhere.
The nice thing about worrying
is that we can do it together.
NARRATOR: Ask your doctor
if worrying is right for you.
I should've started
worrying a long time ago.
Oh my God,
I should have.
Shouldn't I have?
NARRATOR: Side effects
of worrying may include ulcers,
hair loss, insomnia,
excessive drinking,
paranoia, gross fingernails,
depression, weight loss,
vomiting, diarrhea,
night terrors, panic, and
all out full-blown fear.
Worrying may
be habit forming.
If worrying lasts
for more than four hours,
start worrying.
It's almost like you're doing something.