There's a reason women don't fart.

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Starring Betsy Sodaro, Marissa Strickland, Ally Hord, Allyn Rachel, Juliet Seniff
Writer/Producer- Juliet Seniff
Director/Producer- Rachel Goldenberg
DP- Brian Lane
Editor- Pat Bishop
Makeup- Carleigh Herbert
Gaffer- Aaron Ulrich
Sound- Ben Forman
PA- Becca Scheuer

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June 08, 2012


->What do you call these?Well, it's a martini with a blow pop, so it's a blow-tini.Did you guys hear aboutDidn't she get a DUI?Her mugshot was so, so cute.Is my big toe too big?You could have something done to it.Don't do it yourself.I tried watching a documentary on the Holocaust,When is a handbag a clutch?Shoes, shoes, shoes.Let's go to Morongo this weekend.Oh my God, oh no.You guys, I farted in front of Derick last night.Why?Why?We were just sitting on the couch,But why, I mean, why did it happen?What do you mean, why?Well, we don't fart.No.
->God no.No, we do not fart.Why don't you guys fart?We don't have anuses.We had them sewn up.Mhm.Yes.All of you have had your butt holes sewn up?They just graft a piece of skin,I used the skin from my elbow.I did my ankle.My face.Doesn't it hurt?It doesn't.No.If you had a tire that had a hole in it,Yeah, of course.If you had an oyster farm at the bottom of the ocean,Yeah.I've never...I'd really encourage you to do it.Well, what are the side effects?I'm pretty sure I have scurvy.I have had zero problems, you should do it.Just do it.You should do it.
->Do it.Do it.Well, is it cheap?Cheaper by the dozen!Oh.
->Oh.I love him.Oh, Steven Martin.I love Steven Martin.[Girl With Blonde Highlights] You love Steven Martin.Oh, my God!What?I forgot it's my mom's birthday today.You know who else's birthday it is today?Who's?Helen Keller.Oh, my God.Oh, my God.[Girl With Blonde Highlights] She's so dumb.Guys, let's go to that spa in Sedona.Does anyone else not really love their kids?