"Esther's back and with a new family." This is a spoof trailer for the sequel to the movie ORPHAN. Hope you enjoy it

Full Credits

Esther - Rodney To
Vera - Stephen Bowman
Peter - Alex Valente
Nun - CCH Pounder
Diane von Furstenberg - Lucille Ball
Taco - Little Foot
Teacher - Katharine Leonard
Shrink - Aynsley Bubbico
Doctor - James Leo Ryan
Telephone Recording - Nicole Randall Johnson
Written & Directed by Shawn Ku
Produced by Michael Call, Rodney To, Shawn Ku
Costumes - Cynthia Summers
Sound Crew - Dennis Hamlin, Jade Howard, Bryan Kirkwood
Music - Barry Davis
Special Thanks to:
Stamos Akrivos, Michael Armbruster, Bresha Webb, Brooke Lyons, Golda Inquito, Minerva Vier, Spooky, Thumb Cat, and the fantastically generous people at World of Wonder