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This episode, we check in with Carol.
Published March 16, 2009 1.3k views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring, written and directed by Julie Dove and Jenny M. Rich

The Teacher's Lounge
– Episode 3 “Getting to Know Carol”

- A Teacher’s Lounge

– School Bell Ringing

Carol (to camera)

I love teaching Home
Ec. But more than that, I love Seth. I admit it. I mean have you seen
Zack and Miri
Make a Porno?
Have you seen Pineapple
What about Knocked
Up? The 40 Year Old Virgin?
Freaks and
Geeks! The
most underrated television show ever. I mean, come on! He is a comic

I really think he could
love me too. He just needs to meet me. That’s why I’m using The
Secret. Ask. Believe. And Receive.

Brandon Logan is such
fucking jerk! Today, I’m teaching the fine art of whisking egg
whites, and Brandon shouts:

"Why do you always
where a stupid pink breast cancer ribbon – you’ve got both you

There I am whisk in
hand, egg whites settling, and I had to tell the whole class that
these are not the originals.

3 o’clock. A bottle
or two of merlot, Freaks and Geeks marathon, and tomorrow the cycle
starts all over again.



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