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Meet the Bachmanns for the last time.
Published January 19, 2012 8.6k views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Cast - Larry King, Mike Tyson, John C. McGinley, Horatio Sanz, Patrick Warburton, Greg Germann, Rob Delaney, Leslie Jordan, Erin Gibson, Bryan Safi and Reggie Brown Writers - Nick Wiger, Pat Bishop, Lauren Palmigiano, Alex Fernie, Scott Gairdner, Danny Jelinek, Avin Das, Melissa Rundle Directors - Pat Bishop, Scott Gairdner, Danny Jelinek, Justin Donaldson, Lauren Palmigiano Executive Producers - Anna Wenger, Ally Hord Producer - Alex Richanbach Editors - Hank Friedman, Danny Jelinek, Pat Bishop, Scott Gairdner, Nick Corirossi Graphics - Scott Yacyshyn Additional Graphics Support - Dustin Bowser, Shawn Butcher Directors of Photography - Luca Del Puppo, Jonathan Nicholas, Mike Manasewitsch Hair/Makeup - Kat Bardot, Teddie Bergman Wardrobe - Alisha Silverstein Sound - BoTown Sound, Ryan Kaiser First Assistant Director - Lauren Smitelli Production Designers - Martin Vallejo, Ellie Del Campo Gaffers - Marcus MacDougald, Eric Ulbrich Best Boy - Pedro Bermudez First AC - Donald McKinnon Wardrobe Assistant - Natasha Kutrovacz Production Assistants - Daniel Worlock, Alex Kavutsky Electronic Press Kit - Zach Zdziebko
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