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Full Credits

Kristen Stewart
Jesse Eisenberg
Director: Jon Mackey
Writer: Alex Scordelis & Amos Vernon
Producer: Dan Bernstein
Production Coordinator: Ross Buran
DP: Matt Sweeney
Camera Operator: Jamie Jones
Gaffer: Daniella Nowitz
Grip: Stephen St. Peter
Production Designer: Tricia Robertson
Sound Mixer: Ryan Kaiser
Break Dancer #1: Swirv
Break Dancer #2: Lacy Omon
Beat Boxer: Jamal Reelz


Kristen Stewart: Hello, I'm Kristen Stewart.
Jesse Eisenberg: Hi, I'm Jesse Eisenberg.
Kristen Stewart: And we are promoting our new movie
American Ultra, and Stew I thought it
Kristen Stewart: would be funny if we interviewed each other today.
Jesse Eisenberg: Who goes, first?
Kristen Stewart: You go for it.
Jesse Eisenberg: Ok, so the question I have for you Kristen is,
Jesse Eisenberg: it's kind of a strange one actually,
how did you bulk up for this role?
Kristen Stewart: I don't typically really need to work out.
I just try to focus on staying healthy,
Kristen Stewart: and like grounded.
Kristen Stewart: Do you have any
favorite designers?
Jesse Eisenberg: Is that what it
says there?
Kristen Stewart: Yeah, that's what it...
Jesse Eisenberg: I think they might've
Jesse Eisenberg: switched our cards.
So that's why.
Kristen Stewart: Oh, maybe. I do get these
questions a lot.
Jesse Eisenberg: Do you really?
Kristen Stewart: I do.
Jesse Eisenberg: Okay then I guess, to be fair, Levi's.
Jesse Eisenberg: I don't know if that's a person, if he's
a designer, or she's a designer,
Jesse Eisenberg: but I'm wearing their pants,
and they fit.
Jesse Eisenberg: I don't know.
It seems so stupid.
Jesse Eisenberg: So my next question for you is
have you always been funny?
Jesse Eisenberg: We heard you do a lot
of impressions.
Kristen Stewart: Mm-hmm.
Kristen Stewart: Oh no, I'm not going to
do any for you.
Jesse Eisenberg: Oh, okay.
Kristen Stewart: Are you seeing anyone at
the moment though?
Jesse Eisenberg: Sorry?
Kristen Stewart: I was just wondering if you were
seeing anyone currently.
Jesse Eisenberg: Are you sure they didn't
switch the cards?
Jesse Eisenberg: That just seems absolutely...
Kristen Stewart: Is this not how they
usually go for you?
Jesse Eisenberg: No. I'm usually asked if I'm
the class clown.
Kristen Stewart: That sounds so easy and fun.
God I wish I got that.
Jesse Eisenberg: Are you pregnant though? Is that sort of why
you're keeping things a little bit...
Kristen Stewart: The only thing is that seems
really personal.
Jesse Eisenberg: Do you get any work done? Like do you get a
particular peel to look vibrant and young?
Kristen Stewart: This is really not
appropriate to ask me.
Jesse Eisenberg: It's okay. If you feel uncomfortable
doing interviews then...
Kristen Stewart: I'm not uncomfortable doing interviews.
I just feel like a lot of the
Kristen Stewart: questions you are asking me feel like
they're about things that are not,
Kristen Stewart: like about the movie,
and it just feels...
Kristen Stewart: But anyway, maybe it's not my
business. My question for you
Kristen Stewart: is what's your favorite sports team?
It seems so easy compared to being asked
Kristen Stewart: if you're pregnant.
Jesse Eisenberg: I like the Lakers. I really am into the Lakers.
I'm from L.A. so that makes sense.
Kristen Stewart: What about your boobs? Do they ever slip out
accidentally, and is that funny or awkward,
Kristen Stewart: or do you kind of do that on
purpose to get attention, or?
Jesse Eisenberg: I'm pretty self conscious about my body
already, and so like to be asked this in a
Kristen Stewart: public setting...
Jesse Eisenberg: Do you have a
favorite boob?
Kristen Stewart: I don't...they're eq...
they look the...
Jesse Eisenberg: Do you get your nails
done today?
Jesse Eisenberg: We would love to see that. Can we just
get like a quick close up of that?
Kristen Stewart: This is you John? Okay,
just put it here?
Kristen Stewart: Yeah, I also bite my nails,
because of anxiety.
Jesse Eisenberg: I think we killed that.
Kristen Stewart: Okay, did you ever get aroused during
your sex scene with Jesse?
Jesse Eisenberg: No.
Kristen Stewart: Never?
Jesse Eisenberg: No.
Kristen Stewart: Okay, that's fine.
Kristen Stewart: This is the last question, okay,
because I'm not doing this anymore.
Kristen Stewart: What is the best on set prank
you have ever pulled?
[Hip-Hop Rock Music Plays]
Jesse Eisenberg: Oh, it's this one.
Jesse Eisenberg: It's your questions.
You set this up, I see.
Jesse Eisenberg: I've been had.
Kristen Stewart: Yeah.
Jesse Eisenberg: Now I know what it's
like to be a woman.
[beat boxing]