Kung Fu Springa is the story of two unlikely Amish heroes who by unusual... more »

Full Credits

This would not have been possible without the support of these wonderful people!
Daniel Klotz
Kristian Herrera
Carol Fordonski
Mick Wiscavage
Rebecca Gallagher
Stephanie Cassella Barrett
Paul Tree
Eric Fausnacht
Michael Lore
Lisa Bisbee
Steven Mentzel
Antonio Piluso
Neil Battan
Anthony Styer
Steve and Michelle Young
Michael Fredericks
Elmer and Linda Kromer
Joe Trynosky
Mark Hibshman
Chris Pullman
Graham Knight
Kimberly Villanova
Rich Dressen
Melissa Hoffman Dulimba
Cole Ledger
Bill and Judy Young
Dave Breslin
Alex Duran
Bianca Cordeiro
Judy Ellsworth
Don Peris
Kevin and Lea Horner
Dave Hertzog
Judy Ellsworth
Harold Troupe
Director-Nick Young
1st Assistant Director Jeff Kromer
Written by Jeff Kromer and Nick Young
Produced by Star Films
Star Bunner and Kimberly Villanova
Editing-Nick Young
Story Board-Jeff Kromer, Nick Young
Camera-Matthew Aquilino, Mike Forrest, Nick Young
Photography-Amy Duncan, Wanda Richmond
Sound-Derek Scull, Jeff Kromer
SP/FX-Molly Intersimone
Art/Props-Jeff Kromer
Make-up/Costumes-Jimmy Basquill
Music-Eric Weit
Narration-Paul Tree
Bishop Braun-Kenneth McGregor
Jakey-Nick Young
Zeke-Antonio Piluso
Sensei Sam-Jeff Kromer
Sarah-Heidi Carletti
Malaki-Nick Weaver
Bishop Barley-Brian Gray
AAA-Wesley Green
Jimmy Basquill
Trey Hoffman
William Ellsworth
Pierce Martin
Larson Kopp
Cole Ledger
Shane Hinkle
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Scott Cover Farm
Shady Lane Wagons
Hoovers Farm Market
Kromers Bed and Breakfast
Kimmel House
Special Thanks to:
Elmer and Linda Kromer
Steve and Michelle Young
*no animals or Amish were harmed in the making of this film

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January 19, 2014