Donald Trump hits back at critics of his recent comments on Muslims and other minorities with his take on an American standard. more »
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Published: December 09, 2015

♪ I'm dreaming of a
white Christmas
♪ Just like the ones
I used to know
♪ Oh won't it be grand
♪ When all Muslims
are banned
♪ And refugees find
some place else to go
♪ Said I'm dreaming of a
white Christmas
♪ With each racist
speech I give
♪ May a wall along the
border rise today
♪ And may all the
Mexicans go away
♪ I'm dreaming of
a white Christmas
♪ Just like the rallies
that I grow
♪ Where black lives
don't matter
♪ And poor people scatter
♪ Keep angry old and
white the status quo
♪ Oh
♪ I'm creaming for a
white Christmas
♪ Without a brown
person in sight
♪ May we ignore
the refugee's plight
♪ And may America
only be white ♪
Merry Christmas
you losers.