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Full Credits

Colton - Colton Haynes
Cody - Cody Horn
Male Model 1- Lawrence Curry
Male Model 2 - Clint Keller
Photographer - Zack Gold
Director - Lauren Palmigiano
Writers- Kyle Bornheimer, Ryan Bornheimer, and Benjamin Sutor
Producer - Eleanor Winkler
Producer - Libby de Leon
DP - Matt Sweeney
DP - Scotty Field
Art Director - Megan Sunzeri
AC - James Jeffrey
2nd Cam Op - Daniella Nowitz
Gaffer - David Kitchne
Sound - Nathan Whitcomb
Sound - GoPal Bidiri
Gaffer - Jenn Cohen
Key Grip - Brad Carr
Grip - John Manning
Swing - Dustin Supencheck
HMU - Emily Rae Hilgenberg
HMU - Erin Blinn
HMU Assistant - Molly Paddon
Wardrobe - Michelle Thompson
Wardrobe Assist - John Thompson
Hairdresser- Allan McLeod
Production Designer - Ashley Swanson
PA - Kyle Wassell
PA - Matt Myers
Editor - Jon Mackey
Editor - Hannah Levy

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January 06, 2016


Colton Haynes: Hi, I'm Colton Haynes, and
I'm not just a model
Colton Haynes: and an actor,
I'm a person,
Colton Haynes: who cares about stuff other
than the way that I look.
Colton Haynes: I mean, I do care about the
way that I look,
Colton Haynes: very much.
Colton Haynes: I've been modeling
my entire life.
Colton Haynes: I thought these cheek bones,
they were going
Colton Haynes: to take me all the way, but
in July, Fortune magazine
Colton Haynes: published an article that
said the highest paid
Colton Haynes: female model earns 95%
percent more than highest
Colton Haynes: paid male model.
Colton Haynes: Men earning less than woman,
but doing the same
Colton Haynes: work. What?
Colton Haynes: How long has this
been going on?
Colton Haynes: Do other male models
know about this?
Colton Haynes: Let's talk to a woman,
about this offensive
Colton Haynes: discrimination.
Colton Haynes: Please welcome, actress,
and beautiful person Cody Horn.
Colton Haynes: Cody, how do you explain
this income equality?
Cody Horn: Here's the thing, all
across the country,
co: across many, many industries
woman get paid
co: $0.78 cents for every
dollar a man earns.
Colton Haynes: Yes?
Colton Haynes: Continue.
co: Just that.
co: I just wanted
to say that.
Colton Haynes: (Voiceover) $0.78 cents?
Colton Haynes: Woman are
earning less.
Colton Haynes: The modeling industry
is an exception.
Colton Haynes: Wage gap. Guy gap.
The Gap.
Colton Haynes: I need to
go shopping,
Colton Haynes: with money that woman
are earning less of.
Colton Haynes: I-I have to
do something.
Colton Haynes: So, like I was saying,
and have always said,
Colton Haynes: we can close this gender
wage gap so that woman,
Colton Haynes: and male models
are paid equally.
Colton Haynes: Now, get out
there everybody!
Male Voice: Yeah.
Colton Haynes: Hi. I'm Colton Haynes,
Colton Haynes: and I'm the new spokeswoman
for gender pay equality.