What do a pilot, a ship commander, a delivery man, and a guy waiting at the airport all have in common? Tom Hanks!

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[ beep ]
[man on PA] Cactus 1549
Runway 4, clear for takeoff.
Tom Hanks: [Sully] Cactus 1549,
clear for takeoff.
Tom Hanks: I'll never get over how
beautiful it is up here.
Aaron Eckhart: Life's easier in the air.
Tom Hanks: Mayday, mayday, mayday,
this is Cactus 1549.
Tom Hanks: Lost thrust on both engines,
we are turning back towards the water.
[Air Traffic Controller]
I have an emergency.
He lost both engines,
returning immediately.
Tom Hanks: [Sully] This is the captain,
brace for impact.
Tom Hanks: I got something coming
up on our starboard quarter.
[ grunting ]
Tom Hanks: They completely
ripped up our house!