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Full Credits

Directed by Anne Fletcher
Produced by David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman & Mike Farah
Written by: Pete Chiarelli
Production Design by Nelson Coates
Production Assistant: Christin Trogan
Edited by Priscilla Ned Friendly
Camera by Drew Antzis & Neil Mahoney
Betty White's Hair and Makeup by Shauna O'Toole


The video opens with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds sitting next to one another on a movie set.

Ryan Reynolds: Hello there. My name is Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock: Ha ha. Actually, it’s not. I’m Sandra Bullock.

Ryan Reynolds: Fine. My name is Ryan Reynolds.

Sandra Bullock: And we’re on the set of our new movie, The Proposal.

Ryan Reynolds
: And we’re here to give you a very special behind the scenes look at all the action before it’s…

Betty White
: Hello everyone. Hi there. I’m so excited about this interview.

Ryan Reynolds: Can you cut please, just for a second. Time out here. (To Sandra Bullock) What is she doing here?

Sandra Bullock
: What?

Ryan Reynolds: What’s Betty doing here? She’s got an issue with me.

Sandra Bullock: What is your problem with Betty the entire film?

Ryan Reynolds
: I don’t have a problem with her. She hates me and I don’t really understand why.

Sandra Bullock: No, you have a problem, she’s nice.

Ryan Reynolds: Drew! Turn the camera off! I know you’re filming this. Just lens cap it.

Sandra Bullock: She’s like the nicest person on the planet.

Ryan Reynolds
: To you maybe, but to me she’s a complete *beep*.

Sandra Bullock: Hey. Hey!

Sandra Bullock walks over to Betty White and gives her a hug.

Sandra Bullock
: Betty!

Betty White: Oh, there she is! How’s America’s sweetheart?

Sandra Bullock
: Oh Betty, stop.

Betty White
: Oh, you are. You’re America’s movie star sweetheart.

Sandra Bullock: Stop. Please. Stop. Stop.

Crew Member: Miss Bullock?

Sandra Bullock
: Yes?

Crew Member
: We need you to line up the shot.

Sandra Bullock: Ok. Great. Thank you.

Betty White goes over and sits next to Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds: Hi, Betty. How are you?

Betty White: Um, Brian?

Ryan Reynolds
: Ryan. My name is Ryan.

Betty White: Get me a cup of coffee.

Ryan Reynolds: No, my name is Ryan. We’ve been working together for weeks, months actually. Months now.

Betty White: Damn, you’ve been a terrible assistant that whole time.

Ryan Reynolds
: Ha. That’s because I’m not an assistant, Betty. I mean,
I play an assistant in the movie. I’m an actor, in real life. You
should know this.

Betty White: When Betty White says she wants a cup of coffee, you get her a *beep*ing cup of coffee. You ab crunching jackass.

Ryan Reynolds
: Oh, ok. This is, that’s what I’m talking about. I’m
gonna tell you exactly how it is. You seem like an adorable, sweet old
lady on the outside, but on the inside, on the inside you’re like this,
this, this seething demon. You hear me? Why don’t you suck a hot
*beep*. Yeah. (Yelling) Yeah, that’s right everybody! I told Betty
White to go suck a hot *beep*.

Sandra Bullock: Ryan!

Ryan Reynolds
: Look, she’s out of her mind. Sandy! I’m tired of it.

Sandra Bullock: Ryan. Ryan.

Betty White rushes over to Sandra Bullock and hugs her.

Sandra Bullock: Betty, are you alright?

Betty White
: Honey, make him stop. All I said was he reminds me of my grandson.

Betty White gives Ryan Reynolds the middle finger where Sandra Bullock can’t see it.

Ryan Reynolds (points at Betty White): Look at her *beep*ing finger. Look at her *beep*ing finger right there.

Sandra Bullock
: It’s gonna be ok. Why don’t we get you some tea or some coffee, whatever you want.

Betty White: Coffee.

Ryan Reynolds
: She called me a jackass.

Sandra Bullock
: Coffee. Coffee it is. Can we get Miss White some coffee?

Ryan Reynolds: Don’t help her. She’s insane.

Sandra Bullock (to Ryan Reynolds): Come here.

Ryan Reynolds: Sandy, I’m not kidding you. Every time you walk away…

Sandra Bullock: What is wrong with you? Ryan, Ryan, she is a *beep*ing
national treasure. She is. You’re not. That is a living legend. You are
not. This is my film. America’s sweetheart is going to *beep* you up.
I’ve smiled a lot of smiles and eaten a lot of *beep* to be on this
throne. So I could *beep* with mother nature and *beep* *beep* with me.
So don’t *beep* with me.

Ryan Reynolds: I’m not *beep*ing with you.

Sandra Bullock
: Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

Sandra Bullock hits Ryan Reynolds repeatedly.

Ryan Reynolds: Ow!

Sandra Bullock: Who is on the poster of this film? Who is on the poster of this film?

Ryan Reynolds
: You are.

Sandra Bullock: I am on the poster of this film.

Ryan Reynolds: I’m on the poster too…

Sandra Bullock
: Shhhh. No one knows who you are, Ryan. No one knows who
you are. You say, Ryan Reynolds, they have no idea who you are. Betty
White, they know who Betty White is. Sandra Bullock, they know who
Sandra Bullock is. We sell tickets. Nobody knows who you are. So shut
up! Got it?

Ryan Reynolds looks at her in silence.

Sandra Bullock: OK everyone, let’s get back to shooting. Let’s gets
some energy. Let’s have some fun. Come on, everyone. Let’s have some
fun. Woo hoo. Energy. Come on energy. Betty, I’m so sorry. Ryan, come
over here and talk to Betty. Tell her what happened. Apologize to Betty.

: Sorry.

Sandra Bullock: He’s going to be just fine. He’s going to be so glad that you’re here.

Ryan Reynolds looks directly at the camera.

Ryan Reynolds: I told you to turn the camera off, Drew.

: It’s off, dude.

Ryan Reynolds
: The camera is not off.

Ryan Reynolds attacks the camera man and shot goes crazy. The shot
returns with Sandra Bullock and Betty White sitting next to each othe
and Ryan Reynolds behind them with his face out of the shot.

Betty White: Hi, I’m Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock: Well, actually, she’s not. I’m Sandra Bullock.

Betty White
: And I’m Betty White.

Sandra Bullock
: And we really hope you enjoy this behind the scenes footage of The Proposal.

Ryan Reynolds
: And I’m Ryan Reynolds.

Sandra Bullock: And we really, really hope you come join us when the movie comes out on…

Betty White: In theaters on June 19.

Sandra Bullock: Oh, thank you for joining us. See you soon.

Ryan Reynolds puts a hand on Sandra Bullock and Betty White’s shoulders. Sandra Bullock shakes his hand off.

Sandra Bullock
: Bye.

Betty White
: See you there. Bye bye.

Crew Person
: And, cut!

Sandra Bullock
: Wow, Betty, you are so amazing. I love working with you.

Betty White
: Oh, thank you.

Ryan Reynolds
: *Beep*