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Yall, you rockin in yur new yeers rite by tooonin in ta more HISI. I thank mose... more »
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(horn blows)
It don't get much drunker than this guys and gals!
(horn blows)
Fuck yeah!
Let's hear it for 2012!
(horn blows)
And y'all are ringin' in your New Yea
with How I Seize It
and your hostess with the hostess,
Loretta Jenkins.
Happy New Year!
For old yourquaintence been forgots and...
(hums forgotten lyric)
I don't know the words.
I don't think that song's even in English.
I don't give a fuck anyway.
Happy Birthday to the Earth, y'all!
And recycle tomorrow, y'all,
so the Earth will give us some more gas
and we don't have to ride around
in them hybrid Jetson cars.
It ain't time for that-
(space ship noise)
-shit yet!
And you know what they say, y'alls...
Fuck, what the hell they say...
Oh, oh!
Whatever it is that you're doin' on New Year's
on midnights, you gonna do all the whole year longs.
So I was smart and I got my FWB, Tank,
to come over here and plow me down
so I get laid plenty in 2012.
Can I hear an amen?
Well I'm just gonna pretend like y'all did,
unless you didn't cause you jealous.
Y'all, New Year that time where you supposed to
start fresh with your fellow man.
Course, unless they owes you money.
(laughs, coughs)
(door closes)
Oh hey Tank...
Just in time...
Not yet. We got to finish my HISI here first.
Y'all we gonna have to wrap up soon
cause Tank here, he don't like to be kept waitin' and-
(sexual moan)
Now, another tradition on New Years
is to make a resolution-
It's like a promise you gonna try to do or not do-
Stop! I'm gonna be right there!
I mean I thought that if you told your revolution
that it would not come true,
but then somebody told me that
that was just for birthday wishes and-
Alright, alright, alright!
Alright, alright...
I promise to tell the truth
and more the truth if you my drankin' buddy-
(giggles into moaning)
(climactic scream)
(breathes heavily)
And I al-
And I also resolution to bring my shooter to justice
and hopefully put him in an electric chair.
I'm gonna find you.
And on a more serious note,
I'm gonna promise-
-to finally find out what-
what happened to my little um...
I don't know what happened!
I was just-
I left it behind the liquor store on a dumpste
for days and hours or...
I can't even remember.
(blows horn)
Maybe it's a dream.
Hell, I ain't had no youngin'.
(laughs into crying)
Oh fuck...
Oh, Tank!
Now, it's countdown time for the ball to start droppin',
so y'all go ahead and get your drink on
and get your sinnin' on
cause tomorrow you gonna have a clean slate
for your resolutin' and it's like-
And that's-
(moans louder)
Oh, Tank!
We done!
Oh God.
Stick it in me.
(climactic groan)
Oh God...

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