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Full Credits

Starring Molly Sims
With Bart Folkerts, Monika Smith, Joe Hartzler, Erin Gibson and Robert Sisko
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Directed by Jake Szymanski
Written by Jake Szymanski and Chad Carter
Director of Photography - Christian Sprenger
Visual FX by Dustin Bowser
Makeup by Shauna O'Toole
Hair by Gregory Russell
Costume Design by Leslie Schilling
Produced by Lauren Palmigiano
Special Thanks to Alissa Vradenburg and Erin Cantelo

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November 03, 2009


Male Voice: (whispers) Exclusive.
Molly Sims: Hello, my name is Molly
Sims and this is my
Molly Sims: actor's reel. Now I know
most of you think of me as
Molly Sims: a bikini girl or just a
girl in a bikini, but I'm
Molly Sims: so much more than that.
You know what, why don't
Molly Sims: we let my work speak for
itself. Enjoy.
Molly Sims: The French team is two
weeks ahead of us.
Molly Sims: We will bury the dead and
move on toward the pole.
Molly Sims: We're coming for you LaPierre.
We're coming for you!
Molly Sims: (British accent) This
horrible illness has a
Molly Sims: grasp on me, Sis. I fear I
shan't shake myself free.
[gun shots]
Molly Sims: Davis!
Bart Folkerts: They shot me!
I'm hit!
Molly Sims: Stay with me. I've got to
stop this bleeding.
Molly Sims: Give me your hand.
Molly Sims: Look at me.
Look at me.
Molly Sims: I gotta stop this
Molly Sims: Okay. Okay. Fuck, I just
bought these pants.
Molly Sims: This is all I know
how to do.
Molly Sims: Please! Please
don't go away.
Molly Sims: How could you?
Robert Sisko: I didn't want you to
find out like this.
Molly Sims: While Mom was dying?
Molly Sims: How could you?
Molly Sims: You cheated on her.
She deserved better.
Molly Sims: We all deserved better.
Molly Sims: Mission Control, I can't
fix it from here.
Mission Control: (voiceover) Stay in the station
commander. That's an order.
Molly Sims: Screw your rules.
I'm saving the crew.
Molly Sims: So beautiful.
Mission Control: Commander do you read?
Commander, can you hear me?
Mission Control: Commander this is Houston,
please respond.
Female Voice: Sir, she's dead.
Molly Sims: Pretty good, right?
Frankly, I think my acting
Molly Sims: speaks for itself.
My dream role.
Molly Sims: I'd really like to play a
dignified, mentally
Molly Sims: challenged girl, in a bikini.
Mmm-hmmm. Yeah.