Are you ready to get punched in the face with fitness? Then step into the fires of the Ab Lab, with the Absmith and prepare to be Abdominated.

Send us your tired, your poor, your chubby masses and we will make them official citizens of the abdomination with the Statue of Liberty.

No undocumented workers allowed.

One leg back, one arm poised to head skyward.

This is the stance that statues are born from.

Stand in a lunge position while placing one leg back on a bench or platform that is about 12 inches high.

On the same side as the leg that is back on the bench, hold a dumbbell of light to moderate weight near your shoulder in military press position.

As you lunge, or sink to the floor as it were, press the dumbbell upward.

Return to the original stance, lower the weight to the starting position concurrently, and give thanks to divine providence for leading your wellness path to this next step in reforging your weak link.