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The trailer for iSteve, Funny Or Die's Steve Jobs movie with Justin Long is finally here.


You wanna hear my story?
I wouldn't even know where to start.
Meet the man who made computers simple.
The entire world will listen to them.

> You say a renegade, a rebel, a one of a
kind, a maverick, a bit of a
loose cannon, anti-establishment, a free
thinker, genius of sorts,
an engineer, craftsman, poet and a prophet
rolled into one.
I just didn't [INAUDIBLE] life here.

> The first microcomputing system.

> Can you imagine the possibilities.
The computing revolution at your

> Hold on.

> Do you have it?

> Hold on.

> Genius left unchecked can lead to ruin.

> In life you just, you gotta stay
You gotta just stay hungry, keep taking

> We call it the iPod.
i-P-o-d, write that down.

> You gotta ride the wave of the future.

> What if I am the wave of the future?

> Go find yourself.
When you get back, I'm gonna be right

> The future belongs to the Outcast ask
the rebels.

> But you need me.

> Nothing matters to Steve Jobs except
Steve Jobs.

> Lest you eat the forbidden fruit and
face banishment.

> I built this company.
All my blood my sweat my tears went into
every Apple product.
I am Apple.