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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Melissa Joan Hart
Featuring the voie of Nick Bakay
Also featuring Luke Ganalon, Isabel Cueva, Kevin Oestenstad, & Colin Blake
Restaurant Patrons: Rachel Zake, Calais Campbell, Alex Weber, & Lindsay Gareth
Written & Directed by Tony Swansey
Produced by Christin Trogan
Director of Photography: Dan Kenji Levin
Assistant Director: Matt Mazany
First AC: Will Emery
Gaffer: Pawel Porgorzelski
G&E: Ben Burke & Jon Aguirresarobe
Art Department: Colin Blake & Kevin Oestenstad
Makeup: Marie DelPrete
Sound: BoTown Sound
Camera Manager: Ray Lee
Equipment Manager: Elliot Dickerhoof
Production Assistants: Sam Varela & Andrew Grissom
Special Thanks: Jim Dempsey & California Canteen

Voiceover: Exclusive.
(guitar music)
Melissa: So how you been?
Cat: Good, really good.
Melissa: You look great.
Cat: Yeah, well I'm
trying to be fab a little.
Be more of a leading man.
Melissa: How's that working out?
Cat: Great.
Male: Melissa Joan Hart, I'm a big cat.
Big fan.
Clarissa saved my life.
Melissa: Wow.
Male: Yeah, that's what
I wanted to say to you.
Male: I'm going to have someone
bring out some chips and salsa,
and they're on me.
Melissa: That's sweet, thanks.
Male: You're sweet.
Male: You're pretty.
Male: Okay.
So what's up?
Cat: I miss it.
Melissa: What?
Cat: You know exactly what. You,
me, us, the excitement, the power.
I miss it all. I miss it so much.
Melissa: It's the middle of the day, okay?
There are a lot of people around.
Cat: I don't care about them,
they're beneath me and you.
Melissa: I don't know.
Cat: Just this once, it
will be like the glory days.
I know you want to, Sabrina.
Melissa: What did you call me?
Cat: I called you Sabrina.
Melissa: Okay look, if
we do this we do it right
and this is the last time.
Cat: It's settled then. Let's
do some mother fucking magic!
(guitar strum)
Waiter: Chips and salsa.
Melissa: Magic!
Cat: Magic!
(man screaming)
(cat laughing)
Melissa: Magic!
Cat: It feels so good.
Melissa: Look at my magic.
Give me my magic pussy.
(man screaming)
(cat laughing)
Cat: I'm drunk with power.
Melissa: Abracadabra bitches!
Boy: Speli omens.
Melissa: Cup!
Mother: Hey! My baby!
Cat: Oh yeah.
Melissa: I am amazing! Magic!
Mother: She hit my son with a cup.
Melissa: Magic! Magic,
magic, magic! Magic! Magic!
No shoes.
Chips and salsa.
(guitar music)