Two guys meet in a bar. Sam and Adam. Sam took Adam's job, and Adam took... more »

Full Credits

Written and Directed by Troy Carlton and Marcus Mizelle
Produced by Troy Carlton, Michael Kuhn, and Clint Allen
Cast - Nate Panning, Jim Mahorney, Aerli Austen, Jason Saucier, Brent Triplett, and Mark Robinson


Things are happening fast for Adam, a go-getting young professional with a habit for drugs and women,  until he is suddenly fired by his connected boss of a sporting goods supplier, Icon Sports.  Angry and drunk, he meets a guy in a bar, Sam, who just got a job.  As the plot unfolds Adam and Sam find that Sam was given Adam's job, and Adam hooked up with Sam's girlfriend, Jill.  Bask in the glorious negativity in a story where coincidence is common...