With the 70's behind him, San Diego's top rated newsman, Ron Burgundy (Will... more »


Male Voice: Welcome to 24
hour news.
Meagan Good>You guys have may
been hot stuff in
Meagan Good>San Diego, but this
is the big leagues.
Meagan Good>What's he doing?
Will Ferrell>I think you
scared him.
James Marsden>Welcome to the station.
James Marsden>Just wondering what time
you feed that mustache.
Will Ferrell>Maybe I'll feed it
a ham sandwich--
James Marsden>Hey, don't make
jokes off my jokes.
Christina Applegate>If you touch Ron, I will burn
your face with a curling iron.
Will Ferrell>Meow.
Will Ferrell>Brick, can you
hear me?
Steve Carell>I can't hear you.
Will Ferrell>You're answering so I
think you can here me.
Steve Carell>No, I can't.
Male Narrator: Anchorman 2
The legend Continues.