Black Holes Are discussed. notice the Terrible audio quall-lity? Damn right there is terrible audio quall-lity.

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July 06, 2010


Quant-ham Pheesiks

Opening Scene: Fades into Different parts of my house, then eventually to me sitting at my table. This is where the credits roll. and the title of the show will appea
as the scene shifts to me sitting at the table. (voice over kind of introduction like the
science channel does when they have some celebrity talk about science.)
Voice over:
"We as humans, always search for the quenching of our brain thirsty-ness, and stuff.
So here we are with a cup of tea and a lesson on Quant-Ham Pheesiks with your host:
Rooneld Reigaan."

Camera 1 position.
"Hello there I'm Rooneld Reigaan, and Today we will be talking about Black Holes".
Camera 2 Position.
"I'll be using this liquid in this cup here to explain to you how exactly a black hole works".
Camera 1.
"okay lets begin."
Camera 3 (zoomed in)
*show a retarded face here*
Camera 4.
*shows cup close up*
*I then pick up a spoon*
Camera 1.
"now watch as I gently get her a twirling"
Cuts from camera 2, 3, 1, and 4 making it look retarded.
"Ah yes see that?"
*close up of twirling liquid*
Camera 1.
"Now lets add some of this to represent light"
(zoom in on cup)
*put something retarded in it*
Camera 2
"now lets put this in here to represent gravy, gravity"
(close up)
Camera 3.
"now uh, see how its a twirlin?"
(close up of cup)
Camera 1.
"thats how a black hole works dumb dumb".
Camera 3.
Camera 4.
Camera 2.
"okay so I hope you learned something today."
(cuts off before I finish my sentence to the credits)
(while credits are rolling have it cut to me and I start drinking the mix,
and kind of just stare at it with a gross expression.)
Credits continue.
(right before ending have it cut to me saying "Well thats that."