T.J. Miller gives us a behind the scene look at how he transforms into Greg 'The Slim Jim Genie'

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January 08, 2017


[T.J.] This is sort of like
my Saturday Night Live.
The best thing you can have
on Saturday Night Live is a great character,
like Pat or Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri
as those cheerleaders.
That's what you want to do,
is you want to get a great
sketch character,
and then keep coming back to it,
and change the context,
and that's what Greg the Mediocre Genie is.
It's a great sketch character,
and a great conceit.
You know, that's the really
fun thing is that it's sort of Slim Jim
funding a sketch show
just staring Greg the Genie.
Snap into a Slim Jim!
In terms of, you know,
getting into character,
I watched Aladdin,
but I couldn't understand it.
And then I kind of studied
genies throughout history.
There aren't a lot.
And back to more of my process,
I'm a very good actor.
So, I changed my
appearance for roles,
and rather that's the
genius turn of a performance
by me and the [indistinct]
of Dead Pool staring Weasel,
I put on glasses
for that role,
and I made my voice higher.
For Erlich I gained weight,
and have
stupid facial hair.
For the genie, I'm blue.
And I was very adamant
about become blue,
and I said, I'll do this
campaign if I can be blue.
And it takes about an
hour to become blue.
It would take an hour
or more to get it off,
but what I do is
I leave and I stay blue.
I go to a bar,
I go into a restaurant,
and I'm blue.
And I love it,
because nobody mentions it,
or talks about it or asks
about me being blue,
and they kind of wait for
me to acknowledge it,
and kind of be like,
"Sorry, I just got off work," or something,
but I don't,
I just order a gin and soda,
and then it's too
awkward to ask what is going on,
so I walk around and
nobody mentions it.
It's really strange.
Uh... but it makes me laugh
a lot and ideally it makes
other people laugh as well,
and what a great story.
People are like,
"You know, I was at the restaurant,
and there was this blue man.
I guess he's in Blue Man Group,
but he has the
opposite haircut."

And now
I'm Greg the Genie.
- [shouting]
- Snap into a Slim Jim!