After once again successfully vanquishing the Joker, Batman and Robin are rudely... more »

Full Credits

Written by Dan Abramson
Animation by Hector M. Padilla
Zack Poitras as Superman
Matt Klinman as Batman
Editor: Carina Jollie


Matt Klinman: Nice work Robin.
Matt Klinman: Gotham is safe again
from the Joker and his goons.
Thanks Batman.
That was a close one.
Matt Klinman: No kidding.
Zack Poitras: Never fear.
Superman is here.
Matt Klinman: Supe--
Matt Klinman: Ooh God!
Matt Klinman: Oh no.
Oh God, Robin.
Zack Poitras: So where's the Joker.
Let's get fighting, right.
Matt Klinman: Superman,
Matt Klinman: you just crushed Robin.
Zack Poitras: O-Oh. Are you
sure I did that?
Zack Poitras: I think that must've been
somebody else. I mean--
Matt Klinman: Somebody else?
Matt Klinman: You just came down from
the sky like a damn meteor,
Matt Klinman: and smashed him
like he was nothing.
Matt Klinman: You're stepping on
his young face.
Zack Poitras: I understand why
you're upset, and
Zack Poitras: hey, I'm upset too.
I like Robin.
Zack Poitras: I definitely...this is...
Zack Poitras: I mean...who did this?
Zack Poitras: We need to find
out who did this.
Matt Klinman: Y-You did this.
Matt Klinman: I just saw you do this.
Zack Poitras: I think you're mistaken.
I'm pretty sure while you were
Zack Poitras: fighting the Joker, maybe
Lex Luthor swooped in from, you know,
Zack Poitras: the left, and he took...
he crushed Robin with
Zack Poitras: some sort of boy crushing machine,
and he crushed the boy--
Matt Klinman: A machine specifically
for crushing boys?
Zack Poitras: Or for boys. And then he
slipped him underneath me
Zack Poitras: right when I was landing, and
then boom, I'm framed.
Zack Poitras: I'm framed.
I'm the victim here.
Zack Poitras: You know, maybe he was
going to crush you, you know?
Zack Poitras: Maybe your lucky that you
weren't crushed by his
Zack Poitras: orphan boy crushing machine,
because you were an orphan too.
Zack Poitras: You're technically
an orphan boy--
Matt Klinman: Jesus, you're going to
bring that up right now?
Zack Poitras: I'm sorry.
Matt Klinman: You're going to bring up
the fact that I'm an orphan--
Zack Poitras: Well, I...
Matt Klinman: --right now, while you're
standing on the crushed corpse
Matt Klinman: of my best friend
and Ward, Robin.
Zack Poitras: You know, we need
to find his killer.
Matt Klinman: You're the killer!
You're the killer!
Zack Poitras: Definitely not.
Matt Klinman: Just admit.
Zack Poitras: Could've been a bunch of
books, you know? I mean--
Matt Klinman: A bunch of books?
Zack Poitras: There's a library
right over there.
Matt Klinman: Can you at least get
off his body now?
Zack Poitras: Yeah, okay.
[Superman makes a gushing sound]
Matt Klinman: Why did you make a
gushing mouth sound?
Zack Poitras: Yeah, because I...sometimes
I make the sounds of what...
Zack Poitras: it's just like how sometimes
when I know what someone's going
Zack Poitras: to say, and maybe I'll mouth it.
You know what I mean?
Zack Poitras: Sorry, Lois Lane is
hanging, she's dangling from a...
Matt Klinman: Where?
Zack Poitras: A bridge.
Matt Klinman: Where?
In Metropolis.
The Metropolis bridge.
Matt Klinman: The Metropolis bridge?
Zack Poitras: Yeah, she's
dangling from it.
Zack Poitras: I gotta go.
Zack Poitras: Um,
Zack Poitras: look so,
Zack Poitras: who should I send
my dry cleaning--
Matt Klinman: Get outta here!
Zack Poitras: Okay. I'm outta here.
Matt Klinman: God Robin.
Matt Klinman: I'm so sorry.
Commissioner Gordon.
Thank God
you're here.
I have vital information
about the Joker's hostages.
Zack Poitras: Listen, Batman.
Zack Poitras: It was my fault--
Matt Klinman: Jesus Christ!
Zack Poitras: What? I'm admitting that I--
Matt Klinman: You just crushed
Commissioner Gordon.
Zack Poitras: Okay. Now that,
I did not do.