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- I am the most qualified candidate for the job
because I am a real life business woman.
Okay, that's really stupid.
What, there's like 20% missing?
Girl, please be home.
- I should have 20%.
Why are you dead?
Oh sorry.
Here you go.
- Large dark roast for Carol.
- Oh, this looks a little low.
- Large dark roast for Lucy.
- Uh, mine has even less.
- Cool, Anthony.
A large dark roast.
- Excuse me.
Watch out.
- I know it's so full.
- Very hot and very full.
- Hey, I'm gonna clock out.
- [Man] Cool.
- Oh, are you done?
- Oh yeah.
- Could you just make it even?
- It looks even to me.
- It looks like a mouse is just slowly
like slowly falling.
- Yeah, can't you just be happy with what you have?
I cut most of your hair.
- Am I crazy?
- You're not crazy.
This is crazy.
- Even without the last two sections,
you're certainly more than qualified.
We'd love for you to join our team.
And we think you'll be pleased with the offer
that we gave someone else.
You'll be making 20% less.
Start on Monday?