Jay (Nicol Paone) is so heartbroken over an ex that she fakes a suicide attempt.... more »
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Additional Credits:
Written and Directed by Lauren Palmigiano
Starring Nicol Paone and Sarah Burns
Featuring June Raphael, Erin Foley, Jill Kushner, Amy Rhodes, Melissa Szilagyi, Bryan Safi, Marisa Pinson, Mike Rose, Pete Zias
Directory of Photography: Christian Sprenger
Editor: Ross McNamara
Producers: Lauren Palmigiano, Melissa Szilagyi
Assistant Camera: Andy Dickieson
Gaffers: Brad Schulz, Juan Asuaje
Sound: Bo Sundberg
Make Up: Shauna O'Toole
Production Assistant: Sean Boyle
Original Music: Bruce Lawrence
Additional Music: Jupiter Media
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Published: November 19, 2009