Tenacious D search for a new roadie when they find one of the most amazing Roadies... more »

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Starring Tenacious D (Jack Black & Kyle Gass) & Danny McBride
Directed by Jody Hill


->Dude, we really need to find a roadie man.No shit.Yeah, let's do this.Alright let's do it.Heard you guys are looking for the fuckin' best.Stop, stop.That was super intense right.Nice to meet you too.Heard a lot about you.Pleasure to meet you guys.So I guess you've heard we're looking for a roadie,You guys heard of Van Halen before?Wow.ACDC?Whoa.You name it, I've been there.Can I ask you this,See this match.No
->NoWell.Yeah, that would be really cool.Do some lasers.And the kind of lasers whereThat's powerful.You know what would be rad,Of course, that's the most raddest combinationI guess, just tell you,Well being that I'm 10 years sober,Good.I'm just trying to make the right affirmative actionsI'm saying we just hire this guy.Should we just shut down all the interviews.Let's shut it down.Shut it down.Can you start tonight?I'd be honored to start tonight.Alright.I'm gonna work super hard.Hell yeah.Okay.Alright, love it Sebastian.You can use that match trick any time you want.Like the fight man.Sebastian.Damn that guy's cool.Dude, how kickass is that guy.That guy is the full package.I mean come on.God, he's so real.Do you believe who he's worked with.You know what, that's rock n roll right there,Yeah, yeah.We should be writing songs about that guy.Yeah.We could do a whole album on that guy.Yeah.How about we write a song right nowOkay.Just dedicate it to SebastianHe's so cool.Alright let's do it.Faster circleWe did it.That was the best show we've ever done.Who?The best roadie ever,Mission accomplished.Sebastian.Amy get in here.Well geez, I don't,Oh a twentsky, that's cool.I probably needSo Jack whatcha got on you?I don't have any money.Maybe later on,Okay.You guys are good?He's definitely not coming with us to Boston.He's out.Okay.