A lost scene in which Trelawney makes a "prophecy" for Dumbledore.
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Additional Credits:
Written and Directed by: Ken Guzzetti and Erin Pyne
Sybil Trelawney: Pattie Beaven
Dumbledore: Chris Beaven/ Rob Mobley
Severus Snape/ Lord Voldemort: Ben Rush
Bellatrix Lestrange: Taylor Aldrich
Deatheaters: Magus Dethen, Trevor Giacin, Fred Mergenthaler, Bernie Farrant
Camera:Ken Guzzetti
Audio:Greg Kain
Lighting:Ken Guzzetti, Greg Kain, Bryan Blount, Mark Glass, Rob Mobley
Set Construction:Ben Rush, Rob Mobley, Bryan Blount, Mark Glass, Erin Pyne
Costuming:Erin Pyne
Editing: Ken Guzzetti, Erin Pyne
Special Effects and Makeup: Ken Guzzetti, Erin Pyne, Jamie Slomski, and Scott Ramp of the ScreamTeam.com
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Published: May 04, 2008