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November 18, 2014


SARAH: OK, we’re doing this, are we doing this? Because if we’re doing this it’s got to be strictly business... No lovey-dovey bullshit-

PAUL: Just hardcore sex

SARAH: No kissing on the mouth.

PAUL: Definitely

SARAH: Just straight down the line sexual action between two consenting adults who just happen to be friends-

PAUL: (V.O.) With benefits.

SARAH: And we keep it strictly between us. Agreed?

PAUL: Agreed.

SARAH: OK. Alright. Lets do this.

PAUL: This never happens. Just one more minute.

PAUL: (V.O.) I will not tell you twice young man.

SARAH: Paul it's no big deal.

PAUL: (V.O.) Give me one minute and it'll be the biggest deal you've ever-

PAUL: By the way I'm thinking about you...

SARAH: Great.

SARAH: (V.O.) You've got to be kidding me.

SARAH: Thanks.

SARAH: (V.O.) lets just get this over with.

SARAH: Are you almost there?

PAUL: Yeah, I think I am. If you still want to do it?

SARAH: Yep. I definitely still want to.

PAUL: Really you're not just saying that?

SARAH: Let's just go quickly before it goes down again.

PAUL: (V.O.) Oh yeah Oh yeah

SARAH: Is it in?

PAUL: (V.O.) Oh no.

PAUL: Now it is.

PAUL: (V.O.) Oh yeaah-

SARAH: (V.O.) Ummmm not so sure that it is.

PAUL: (V.O.) Oh yeah, oh yeah! Aw no. Oh no!

SARAH: (V.O) What's he doing?

PAUL: Wait! Wait a second- Don't! Move!

PAUL: (V.O.) Oh no! Nononononononononono-

SARAH: (V.O) That better not be his cum-face!

PAUL: (V.O.) Nononononononononono-

PAUL: OK go. OK go. Uh. But I am close are you close?

SARAH: What do you mean we just started-

PAUL: Me too, I mean wait-

SARAH: What now?

PAUL: OK stop. Wait... OK, go. Wait stop.

SARAH: Wait for me yeah?

PAUL: Yeah! Yeah.

PAUL: (V.O) Don't do it. Don't come.

SARAH: (V.O.) This was a mistake.

PAUL: (V.O.) Grandma's underpants.

SARAH: (V.O.) What is that?

PAUL: (V.O) Deforestation!

SARAH: (V.O.) It's like a throbbing pinky.

PAUL: (V.O) Tony Abbott!

PAUL: I love you!

SARAH: What! What did you say?

PAUL: I lwove yuuuggh