Jesus Christ of Nazareth would like to take this opportunity to refute Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry's most recent TV ad.

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Featuring - DC Pierson
Writer/Director - Ryan Perez
DP - Luca Del Puppo
Wardrobe - Natasha Kutrovacz
Sound - BoTown Sound
Producer - Alex Richanbach

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Jesus: I'm not ashamed to
admit that I'm Jesus Christ.
But you don't have to be
in the pews every Sunday
to know that there's something
wrong in this country
when Rick Perry is openly
running for President.
Rick Perry using my name
to promote as agenda
against gays in the
military is just pathetic.
What have gays in the military
ever done to Rick Perry
besides keeping him safe while he
executed the mentally retarded.
I just wish he'd leave me out of
this sad, sad presidential campaign.
Look I get it, I'm popular
so people like to claim they
know me when scoring a touch down
or running for President.
But let's say you were
friends with Brad Pitt,
would you really go around parties
bragging that you know
Brad Pitt all the time?
A guy that would do that probably
just washes Brad Pitt's car.
Another thing, there's not a
moment in the New Testament
where I even remotely hint that
it's okay to put people to death
or start a war or give
tax breaks to the rich.
Anyone that would do
that and claim to know me
is probably the devil.
Or just a real A hole.
Also children are allowed to
celebrate Christmas publicly
I would know, it's my birthday.
Follow me, Jesus Christ.
And Rick Perry's campaign eventually.
Faith made America strong but it
made Rick Perry a complete imbecile.
I'm Jesus Christ and I
approve this message.
Kids what are you doing?
I forgive you.
(theme music)