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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring - Nick Corirossi
Featuring - Josh Fadem, David Ferguson, Jeff Dutton, Kathryn Burns, Gen Howell, Meagan Kong, Brad Schulz, and Danny Jelinek
Directed by Scott Gairdner
Written by Scott Gairdner and Nick Corirossi
Choreography - Kathryn Burns
Camera Ops - Kevin Stewart, Ricky Fosheim, Jordan Downey
Production Designer- Rachael Ferrara
Art Director- Katie Byron
Art Assistant- Beth Bowell
Sound Mixer - Bo Sundberg
Production Assistants- Joey Mirales, Lesly Dashiell and Parker Seaman
ROAR Crew- Joe Slavin, Ryan Kelly, Zander Coleman, Michael Lange, Heather Gottlieb, Paul Morgan, Cam Tagge, Michael Schafernak, Gerald Devotta, Justin Dabrow, Tabatha Laanui, Destiny Pineda, Sam Tabatabia and Lucas Groneman
Editor- Scott Gairdner
Producer - Sean Boyle
Special Thanks- ROAR Network, Amy Grill, Joe Slavin, Brian Lane & The Flip Off, in theaters July 19
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