The fifth episode of Faith Soloway's Secrets: THE OSCAR PARTY, SHAVONNE... more »

Full Credits

Jerald: Steve Kleinedler, Godfrey: Abe Rybeck, Oscar Party Guests:
Brian Agosta, Adam Brooks, Dylan Callahan, Steve Delfino, Brian Mayers, Matthew Petrelis, Marlon Smith-Williams, Carolyn Stonewell, Megan Summers, Julian Wong, Philip: Sebastian Stuart, Raquan: Collin Knight, Shavonne: Georgia Gladden, Logan: Ali Sherman, Carrie: Crystal Waters, Dante: Donato James Smith Waters, Franko: Kevin Smith, and Seth Bodie as the lips.
music composted by Faith Soloway, photographed and edited by Ian Brownell
© 2011 Smell My Productions