Dodge Ram's tribute to American agribusiness.

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Written/Edited by Nick Wiger

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February 06, 2013


Male Voice: And on the 8th day,
God looked down on his
planned paradise, and he
said, "I need a care taker."
So God made a farmer.
And back when America was
founded, 90% of the
population were farmers,
but now, it's less than 1%.
So God made a
factory farm.
And then God wanted
to maximize yield.
So God made pesticides,
and herbicides, and genetically
modified seeds that are
resistant to those chemicals.
And God let Monsanto
patten those seeds.
And God said, "Sometimes
Agribusiness grows crops
that no one needs, but they
still want to get paid."
So God made
farm subsidies.
And then God noticed, "Hmm. There
sure is a massive corn
surplus out there."
So God made high
fructose corn syrup.
And God said, "Well, now we got
to do something with all
this corn syrup."
So God made Mountain Dew,
and Cookie Crisp,
and Gushers.
And then God said, okay,
now it just seems like
American's aren't willing
to do farm labor anymore.
So God made Mexicans.
And God said, granted, the
American agricultural industry has
evolved into a manufacturing
giant that's
more like a Walmart than
a mom and pop store, and
it's backed by powerful
interest groups that spend
s of millions
lobbying Congress.
But despite all that the
word farmer still evokes
salt of the earth American
Gothic imagery,
and from a marketing
standpoint that would be
a helpful thing to
associate with
an auto maker that nearly went
bankrupt due to mismanagement.
So God made
this commercial.