Cute sign twirler Liz will say or do anything to make a sale. But what she's selling nobody wants to buy.

Full Credits

Liz Elizabeth Ho
Store Owner Alberto Isaac
Man ("cocktails") Ira Heinichen
Man ("crazy elf bitch") Scott Takeda
One Night Stand That Never Happened (1) Tommy Dorian
One Night Stand That Never Happened (2) Quentin Miles
One Night Stand That She Forgot Joseph Valdez
Woman ("you could be a model") Joy Walker
Spare Change Dropper Luisa Rodriguez
Written and Directed by Alfredo Botello
Cinematographer Cira Felina Bolla
Editor Josh Dion
Composer Nate Allbritton
Producer Cira Felina Bolla
Executive Producer Alfredo Botello
Unit Production Manager Srdjan Stakic
First AC Sebastien Thibeau
Location Sound Jordan Hood Taylor
Cameras Best Bet Camera
Location (Photo) Studio 5