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John Paul Tabakian
This is John Paul Tabakian your candidate for Torrance City Council. I've got a question to ask you. I want you to think about it long and hard. Why the heck would any candidate tell you that they are not for more police or more fire or the hiring of more public school teachers? That will never happen. There is no candidate in his or her right mind who is actually going to say that they support more crime, more fires, and less education. That person is a nutcase. Well, here is another question for you. What candidate in his or her right mind will actually tell you the voter that they support...installing...parking meters in your city? Really? Well guess what, there may be a candidate or two who actually supports installing parking meters in Old Torrance. Why is that? Well, because in 2012, the city conducted a feasibility study to see if we should install parking meters in Old Torrance. And parking meters are just like cancer, they will continue to grow. So you can imagine those parking meters going from Old Torrance to other parts of the city as well. And in the blink of an eye, your city, your beloved city of Torrance, becomes West LA. No! My name is John Paul Tabakian, and I am telling you right now that I am running for City Council, not because I want to hire more police, not because I want to hire more firefighters, which is a given, but I am here to tell you right now that there is no way that I will support installing parking meters in my city. No way, no how! I ask for your vote June 3, 2014, so that we can put an end to that nonsense. Enough is enough! I love my city. I enjoy traveling through my city. I enjoy shopping in my city. And the last thing that I want is a parking meter that basically represents a large middle finger telling me to go away. Forget it. I ask for your vote June 3, 2014. Thank you.