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September 29, 2012


adam watson :
hello?. i am this since years 2003 has adam watson
has 12 years old go to middle school this making
this make a comic on computer this is where again.

watson fanning :
hey adam watson this making funny comic in
middle school royal has college grils has see this
adam watson meet girls make a comic with paint.

adam watson :
i justing this college girls and friends this see
watch in computer this has drawing has daddy
adam watson in school that this big family. what
the heck where this you annoyning on internet!?.

watson fanning :
you this that adam watson this yesterday this
adam watson this in 1 million comic on middle school
royal. has thousand upload comic on internet. what
this that about adam watson on smosh.

adam watson :
this has adam watson and mommy back to home
at royal house. this from all english family in the some
thing has see comic on internet this your this become is
you this on series finale the comic on antonipieter productions.

watson fanning :
thank you adam watson for interview.