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This video contains some mature content. Super Mario's famous phrase "Its-a me,... more »
Published May 18, 2010 1.8k views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
All content was created by me, Anthony Young.
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Published May 18, 2010

Its-a-me, Its-a-me, its-a its-a its-a me [Repeat]
Its-a-me (Wii, Wii, Wii), its-a its-a me [Repeat]

Its-a-me, Super Mario
Its-a-me, red hat, you already know
Its-a-me stompin goombas, like-I (like-I) do
Its-a-me Mario, so yeah Im nothin new
Its-a-me with the blue overalls
Through galaxies and all, and Its-a-me
Growing really tall cause

Its-a-me gettin mushrooms
Im not talkin bout shrooms.
Its-a-me breakin them bricks
Lookin all cool and slick
Koopa shells that I kick (Bye-bye)
Its-a-me getting them coins
Its-a-me smashin shy guy (Imma gunna get you)

Imma Imma pow this a-way
Imma Imma go that way
Its-a me Mario and Imma (Imma) save Princess Peach
The plumber with the big M, one-up for me!

Its-a-me, its-a me, its-a its-a its-a me
Its-a-me, its-a me, its-a its-a its-a me

Ridin Yoshi (yup yup) its-a its-a its-a me
Weege time here we go (no)
Its-a-me, its-a me
Fire flower, fire balls!
Its-a-me, its-a me, its-a its-a its-a me
Its-a-me, I beat Bowser!
Its-a-me, its-a me, its-a its-a its-a me

© 2010 Insurd
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