check out this from guest star "antonikid" on agony uncles. and check... more »
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Published: October 03, 2012
antonikid :
holy god dangit!. what the hell this mom and dad.
has reaction that tihs do you not this for kids.
has this nostlagia has you nothing this are me.
again this like a cat or dog has at home me is?!.

antonikid :
you so much not this watch the series finale
the art life on australia network has this not
this anything has watch on youtube this that
this australian people this not about. bitch!.

antonikid :
oh my god this not anything has about antonikid
has not guest star this party not this watching tv
has find or internet biggest has watch drama movie.
the blind slide has not this you suck!.

antonikid :
what the f**k?. has this dark thing anything ?!.