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Full Credits

Lyrics - Russell Johnson
Vocal Performance - Brandon Brockwell

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The script below provides the lyrics for the parody song along side their analogs from the real song

Make It So Let It Go

There’s no red lights on the scanners tonight (The snow glows white on the mountain tonight)

not a Klingon to be seen (not a footprint to be seen)

I’m protecting the constellations... (A kingdom of isolation...)

with Karate and, laser beams. (and it looks like I’m the queen)

The engines howling (the wind is howling...)

no dilithium in reach... (like this swirling storm inside)

Jordi screwed the pooch (couldn’t keep it in...)

it’s a warp core breach. (heaven knows I tried)

But don’t let them in (But don’t let them in)

don’t let them see, (don’t let them see,)

be the Captain, you always have to be (be the good girl, you always have to be)

conceal don’t feel (conceal don’t feel)

It’s time to go! (don’t let them know...)

it’s gonna blow! (Another character voice/Geordi) (well now they know!)

Make it so (let it go)

Make it so (let it go)

set a course for the nearest star (can’t hold it back anymore)

Make it so (let it go)

make it so (let it go)

I had sex with Tasha Yar (Data Character Voice) (turn away and slam the door)

I don’t care, if they probe my brain, (I don’t care, what they’re going to say)

let the war rage on... (let the storm rage on)

The Borg never bothered me anyway. (the cold never bothered me anyway)

[We skip the second stanza & go straight to the mid section - see music cut for refernce]

The shields are failing now and no one knows the cause (My power flurries through the air into the ground)

Reverse polarity / yes that should help it always does (My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around)

then one thought crystalizes like a photon blast (And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast)

The Enterprise is mine! (I’m never going back,)

Jim Kirk can kiss my assssss! (The past is in the past!)

Make it so (let it go)

Make it so (let it go)

we’re the best Star Trek crew of all... (and I’ll rise like the break of dawn)

Make it so (let it go)

Make it so (let it go)

J.J. Abrams give us a call! (That perfect girl is gone)

I don’t care, (Here I stand)

what the critics say! (In the light of day)

Let the show go on...... (let the storm rage on!)

The borg never bothered me anyway (The cold never bothered me anyway)