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Hello Seaton.

My name is Dr. Hunter.

I see a lot of people here for you today.

Do you know why they're here?

It's because they love you. Please take a seat.

Your family has something they'd like to say to you. Go ahead Justin.

Dear Seaton.

You're my brother and I love you.

That will never change.

But your behavior lately is

Making it very difficult for me

I just wish he would...

I just wish you would stop abbreviating words.

Whatev, you're not even my real brother, bro.
-Seaton! Thank you Justin.

Go ahead Ted.

We had just finished work.

I told you I was going to a party tomorrow.

I invited you.

You said.

What did he say Ted? Let it out.

You said, thanks for the convo

Give me

the deets and the addy

and I'll see if I know any of the peeps.

I'd def like to go tomo.

This is fucking bull!!!

This is the opposite of bull. Go ahead Leah.

I was willing to let your abbreviations of words slide.

but now abbreviating other things.

You abbreviated lunch!


What? He's anorexic?

I wish he was anorexic.

He's an abbreviator.

It's the same amount of foo it's just a shorter period of time.
-Then the final straw.

You started abbreviating our love making.

How abbreviated was it?


-It's the same amount of love.

If you don't


abbreviating things.

I'm going to have to abbreviate this relationship.

Now it's your turn Seaton.

What would you like to say?

I'm soz.

I need help!