A Republican Campaign Worker sings his frustration at Mitt Romney - a Parody of Bruno Mars' Grenade

Full Credits

Lucas Grabeel, Actor
Mitch Klebanoff, Writer, Director, Producer
Judy Palnick, Producer
Autumn Grabeel, Actress
Morgan Michaels, Actress
Donna Pall, Actress
Kelly L. King, Director of Photography
Cindy Parisotto, Editor
Eric Baines, Music Producer
Brad Tobler, VFX, Camera
Phillip Vaughn, Researcher
Keenan Verzuh, Production Assistant
Matt McLoughlin, Production Assistant

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Easy one...easy win...we had this in the bag.
Then you blow, blow, blow it all, makes me want to gag.
You said you could - hide it well, what we really feel.
Don't let them hear the truth.
Ya, don't tell the truth.

We raised a billion dollars and you tossed it in the trash.
Tossed it in the trash, you did.
Follow our plan…
Was all we ever asked.
Cause what you don't understand...

We blocked making jobs for ya...
Started blaming Obama....
We wrote all your lies for ya....
We opened their thighs for ya.


You're causing us all this pain.
I wanta put a bullet through my brain.
No, Mitt, you can't run a country.
When you're so fucking lame.

No, no, no, no….

Black, black, black HE'S BLACK!
How'd we lose our way?
He's a Muslim and a socialist, hates Jews and loves the gays.

Perfect wife, fancy horse no family's finer.
But you paid less tax then a Paper boy....
…and sent his job to China?
Got yourself a dog and you tied her to your roof,
tied her to your roof,
yes you did.

Don't show them your an ass,
was all we ever asked.
Then...you went and got that tan.

We'd deport more kids, for ya.
We'd dereg more banks for ya...
Open windows of planes for ya...
Made binders of women for ya...

When I hear your voice I feel pain.
I wanta put a bullet through my brain.
No Mitt, you can't run a country
If you're this fucking lame.

Look, you're polling so much higher.
Mitt, you are a miracle man.
You are such an awesome liar.
Please just never, ever, ever, change.
We know you won't.

You know we got insurance for ya.
Changed voter ID laws for ya.
We'll steal it again for ya.
You know we'll do anything for ya.

You're a mess when you run a campaign.
If you win it'll be the same.
But, Mitt we love you baby...
Cause you'll do anything.

And we'll do anything.
You'll do anything.
Oh! Say anything to win.